GS Camshafts are manufactured using only top quality premium cam cores.

Flat tappet cams are ground on premium P55 or 8620 material.

Roller cams are ground using 5150,8660 or our in house made 8620,9310 or tool steel cam cores.

All cams are available in any material from standard bearing diameters up to 70mm or larger based on customer requests.

GS cams also offers regrinding of OE and restoration cams.

GS has a huge data base of lobe designs and will design a specific lobe upon request.


GS Flat Tappet Hydraulic & Solid camshafts    
Detroit V-8 All OE bearing size    $350.95
SBC 8620 Steel    $599.95
Ford Kent 8620 steel    $599.95
MGA/MGB 8620 steel    $499.95

GS Hydraulic Roller Camshafts    
Detroit V-8 All OE bearing size    $459.95

GS Solid Roller Camshafts    
Amc    Call
Buick V-6,V-8    Call
Cadillac V-8    Call

La 318-360    $499.95
R Block    $499.95
RB 383-440    $499.95
KB Hemi    $599.95

SBC    $499.95
50mm    $559.95
50mm GS Lobe Spacing    CALL
55mm    $724.96
55mm GS Lobe Spacing    $724.96
60mm    $838.96
60mm GS Lobe Spacing    $838.96
LS    $499.95

BBC    $499.95
55mm    $599.95
60mm    $699.95
70mm    Call
BBC 409    $499.95
BBC 409 54MM    $549.95

Cummins    Call

Duramax    $599.95
Esslinger 4 cyl midget    $999.95

Fontana 4 cyl. 55mm    $999.95

Ford 289-302-351W    $499.95
Ford BB 429-460    $499.95
Ford BB 429-460, 60mm    $799.96
Ford FE    $499.95

Gaerte 4 cyl. Midget    Call
Pontiac 4 cyl    Call
Pontiac V-8    $459.95
55mm    Call


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